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Tampa Bay

FAQs Regarding Federal Trucking Regulations

Though we see commercial trucks driving on the highways across the country and making deliveries every day, many people…

Tampa Bay

What Kinds of Evidence Can Be Used to Establish Negligence in a Clearwater Truck Accident Case?

Each year, thousands of people are injured in accidents involving large trucks such as semis or tanker trucks. In…

Tampa Bay

What Kinds of Mechanical Failures Can Cause Truck Accidents?

Large commercial vehicles such as semi-trucks and tanker trucks can be seen driving on Florida’s roadways at any time…

Tampa Bay

DUI Can Lead To Truck Accidents

Commercial truck drivers are understandably held to a higher standard for driving safety than drivers of regular motor vehicles.…

Tampa Bay

What Types of Injuries Often Occur After Commercial Truck Accidents?

Anyone who has driven in Florida probably has seen several semi-trucks and other large commercial vehicles hauling their loads…