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Tampa Bay

Truck Cargo Spill Accidents

Though all commercial truck accidents can be dangerous and can cause serious injuries, the accidents may be significantly worse…

Tampa Bay

Lawsuits Against Trucking Companies for Bad Truck Drivers

Every year, individuals are seriously injured or killed in truck accidents. These accidents are different that other types of…

Tampa Bay

Who Is liable in a Garbage Truck Accident?

When you think of a large commercial truck, most people immediately picture the 16-wheeler tractor-trailers that we see transporting…

Tampa Bay

How Is a Truck Accident Claim Resolved?

Once a lawsuit has been filed against a truck driver, trucking company, and/or any other parties that you believe…

Tampa Bay

How is a Truck Accident Case Initiated?

Most people are aware that when you are involved in a serious commercial truck accident, you may have the…

Tampa Bay

Speeding Semi-Trucks Pose a Significant Risk of Injury to the Public

Speeding is one of the most common causes of semi-truck accidents in the United States. The momentum of an…