Dangerous truck drivers & accidents as described by Florida accident attorneys

Aggressive Truck Drivers Can Be Dangerous

Dangerous truck drivers & accidents as described by Florida accident attorneys

Aggressive driving is dangerous behavior for anyone on the road, however, it is especially dangerous for drivers of large commercial trucks. The following are some examples of aggressive driving behaviors in which truck drivers dangerously engage:

Speeding – Commercial trucks can legally weigh up to 80,000 pounds depending upon the axle type and size of the truck, so it can be extremely difficult to slow down or stop a truck when it is traveling at excessive speeds. For this reason, truck drivers are always expected to strictly adhere to speed limits and often have lower speed limits than smaller passenger vehicles. Unfortunately, some truck drivers are on a mission to make the most deliveries as possible and get home as fast as possible. This often results in aggressive speeding, especially at night, which often leads to devastating collisions. 

Tailgating – When a truck driver is frustrated that a driver in front of them is going slower than they would like and they are unable to pass, they too often attempt to get the driver to speed up by driving very close to them. Most people know this practice as “tailgating” and, as you can imagine, it can be extremely dangerous. If the car in front were to have suddenly brake or stop, chances are the truck driver will not be able to stop the heavy rig in time to avoid a collision. This often results in override accidents, in which the truck actually plows over the smaller car. Motorists often do not survive this type of collision. 

Dangerous lane changes and passing – Often, an impatient truck driver engages in frequent and sometimes unnecessary lane changes in order to fit into small holes in traffic and move around slower drivers. However, trucks have significant blind spots and careless lane changes can often result in a truck colliding with another vehicle. Additionally, if a truck suddenly pulls in front of another car, essentially cutting that car off, the car may collide with the back of the truck. This can lead to an underride accident, in which the smaller vehicle gets stuck under the back of the trailer. Like override accidents, underride collisions are also often deadly. 

Failing to adapt for adverse weather – Everyone on the road is expected to slow down and adapt their driving behaviors for any type of adverse weather, including sleet, snow, ice, or even rain. However, with the extra weight of the truck, commercial drivers have more traction than smaller vehicles might in such conditions. For this reason, they commonly fail to slow down in weather conditions and often may get frustrated with other motorists who are moving at a slower pace. This can easily lead to collisions as truck drivers may maneuver in ways that cause other drivers to lose control and crash. 

Ganging up on drivers – In rarer circumstances, truck drivers who are driving their trucks next to each other for long distances may team up to intimidate motorists into speeding up or even moving off the road to let them by. It is not surprising that many drivers of passenger cars can become frightened if two large trucks suddenly converge upon them—either tailgating or boxing them in. Two aggressive truck drivers are understandably twice as dangerous as one and can cause an extreme amount of damage and injuries. There is no excuse for such dangerous behavior on the roads and highways.

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