Country Music Star David Allan Coe Injured in Truck vs. Car Collision


Photo courtesy of Ocala Police Department

A fifty (50) year old truck driver named Robert Jackson and his passenger were both injured after the tractor-trailer truck they were traveling in collided with a 2011 Chevy Suburban being driven by seventy-three (73) year old Outlaw country music star David Allan Coe.  The accident was caused by Mr. Coe’s failure to observe a red traffic signal.  His Chevy Suburban was struck broadside by the large truck and pushed through the intersection and into a nearby parking lot.  Mr. Coe was injured and forced to cancel several scheduled live performances to recuperate from his accident-related injuries.

The commercial truck (carrying a load of radishes and corn) flipped sideways after colliding with the Suburban and spilled the load of produce all over the roadway.  The truck skidded through the intersection on its side and finally came to rest after wrapping around a pole.  Both driver and his forty-nine year old (49) passenger, Lisa Meade, were injured in the crash.

Many people who aren’t closely associated with a professional driver or the commercial vehicle industry are unaware of the everyday dangers that truck drivers face.  Improper road conditions, unsafe loading practices, and negligent passenger vehicle drivers are hurdles that an average truck driver must avoid as part of his or her livelihood.  The average consumer is likely unaware of the danger of severe bodily injury or death that truck drivers are susceptible to in even a minimal collision.

Commercial vehicles are very large and obviously pose a large danger to occupants of smaller vehicles that collide with them.  However, what is less obvious is how an accident involving a large truck actually places the truck driver and other occupants of the larger vehicle at an even larger risk of serious injury or death.  See here for a study published in 2003 confirming this statistic.

Many accidents involving large trucks happen at no fault of the commercial vehicle driver.  If you are a commercial driver and you are injured in an accident cause by anyone else’s negligence, you have a right to recover for your injuries.  Knowing your rights and consulting an experienced truck accident attorney is key to ensuring that you receive compensation for the pain and suffering you are forced to endure in an accident.  Call Dolman Law Group today for a free case evaluation and professional advice from a truck accident attorney with experience representing professional drivers.