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The Dangers of Speeding Trucks

Everyone who has a driver’s license should be fully aware that each road has a different speed limit and that exceeding this speed limit is not only illegal but dangerous. Speed limits are carefully considered by government entities and set based on the particular risks and conditions of a certain roadway. Driving faster than the set speed limit may make it difficult or impossible to slow down for intersections or stay in control of their vehicle when turning on curves.

It is especially dangerous when commercial truck drivers decide to speed, as these large vehicles are significantly more difficult to control than passenger vehicles. Speeding can prevent a truck driver from being able to stop if there is sudden traffic, can easily cause a rollover or jackknife accident if a driver is going too fast on curves, and can result in a runaway truck situation on steep hills or in mountainous regions.

Because of the risks of speeding trucks, states often set lower speed limits for trucks1 than for other cars. However, if you have ever driven alongside commercial trucks, you may have noticed that trucks often move at the same speed as other traffic, which often means they are exceeding the truck-specified speed limit. This is only one sign that speeding among truck drivers is very prevalent and, therefore, that the risks of accidents are high.

Adverse Weather or Road Conditions

While a truck driver can receive a citation for exceeding the posted speed limit, there are many times when they should slow down even more and fail to do so. For example, if the roads are slick due to rain, snow, sleet, or ice, everyone on the roads should slow down. However, commercial trucks often have significantly more traction because of their weight, so drivers may push the limits and fail to drive at a slower speed in adverse weather conditions. This is a mistake for several reasons, as trucks can still slide or have difficulty stopping and it is also risky to drive faster than the traffic around the truck.

Some other conditions that may require a truck to slow down include:

  • Steep hills
  • Sharp curves
  • Uneven pavement
  • Construction hazards
  • Obstacles in the road
  • Slow traffic
  • Dense traffic
  • Any other possible road hazards

It is understandable that truck drivers want to finish their deliveries in as little time as possible, however, they should never put other drivers at risk by speeding. If a speeding truck driver does cause an accident and you are injured, you have important legal rights to seek compensation for your medical bills and other losses.

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