Does Defective Equipment Play a Role in a Significant Number of Truck Accidents?

Defective Equipment & Florida Truck Accidents

Modern semi-trucks are extremely complicated machines with thousands of moving parts. When these parts are defective or fail, serious accidents can occur as a result. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety1 (IIHS), a study conducted in 2010 indicates that in accidents involving injury and at least one large truck, post-accident inspections indicated that nearly 55 percent of the trucks had at least one mechanical violation and close to 30 percent had a serious problem that was sufficient to have taken the vehicle immediately out of service.

When truck accidents are caused by defective vehicles or vehicle equipment, victims are often entitled to damage for both the economic and non-economic losses that they sustain. In the vast majority of cases, the assistance of a lawyer can help victims obtain more compensation more efficiently that they would be able to without legal representation. To schedule a free consultation with one of the experienced truck accident attorneys of the Dolman Law Group, please call our Clearwater office today at (727) 451-6900 or send us an email through our online contact form. 

Type of defective equipment that can cause Clearwater tractor-trailer accidents

There are a number of pieces of equipment that have the potential to cause a serious truck accident. Some of the most common include the following:

* Brakes
* Coupling Devices
* Headlights
* Taillights
* Trailer doors
* Windshield wipers
* Tires
* Steering mechanisms
* Electronic stability control devices
* Suspension defects

After a truck accident, it is important to have an attorney conduct a thorough investigation of the circumstances under which the accident occurred. In many cases, the fact a crash was the result of defective truck equipment may not be readily apparent to people who are not familiar with the trucking industry or personal injury law. Fortunately for victims, the skilled attorneys of the Dolman Law Group understand truck accident cases and know how to get victims the compensation they deserve. If necessary, the firm will employ the help of an accident reconstruction expert or a trucking industry insider to establish that the accident was the result of a defective truck or truck equipment.

Truck accidents that are caused by defective equipment can leave victims with significant injuries

Semi-trucks often weigh 20 to 30 times2 as much as passenger vehicles and often travel at speeds of 70 miles per hour or more. Consequently, when they are involved in accidents, they are capable of causing extensive damage to the vehicles they hit and devastating bodily injury to the occupants of those vehicles. Some of the more common injuries that people involved in accidents with large trucks sustain include the following:

* Traumatic brain injuries
* Spinal cord injuries
* Soft tissue injuries
* Contusions
* Lacerations
* Spinal cord injuries
Crush injuries4
* Concussions
* Accidental amputations

These and other that people sustain in accidents involving semi-trucks have the potential to result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical expenses and months or even years of missed work. In addition, victims may also experience significant physical and emotional pain and suffering as well as loss of enjoyment of life. As a result, anyone involved in a truck accident should talk to an experienced lawyer in order to ensure that they receive the compensation to which they are entitled.

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Individuals who are injured in truck accidents that are caused by defective equipment are often able to recover significant financial compensation.  The parties that could potentially be held  liable in a truck accident include the truck driver, the trucking company, the truck manufacturer, and the manufacturer of truck equipment like tires or brake pads, just to name a few. As sophisticated actors in the trucking industry, these parties are aware of the fact that they operate in a high-risk industry and have generally have legal teams standing by ready to take steps to limit their liability after an accident. Consequently, it is extremely important for victims to take all appropriate steps to ensure that their legal rights are protected. The Clearwater truck accident attorneys of the Dolman Law Group are dedicated to helping people who have been injured in accidents recover for their losses. To schedule a free consultation with one of our lawyers, call our office today at 727-451-6900 or send us an email through our online contact form available here. 

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