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Truck Accident Lawyers in Florida

The Risks When Truck Drivers Violate Traffic Laws

The State of Florida and the City of Clearwater have many highways that truckers and tractor trailer drivers use…

Truck Accident Attorneys in Florida

Risks of Flatbed Trucks

Shipping and transportation are integral to Florida's economy. Every day, thousands of trucks travel across the state in order…

Truck Accident Lawyers in Florida

Drug and Alcohol Use Among Truck Drivers

Drug and alcohol use among commercial truck drivers has become a serious concern in recent years, and the National…

Truck Accident Attorneys in Florida

Health Events can Lead to Truck Accidents

Commercial trucks weigh many, many times what your car does and accidents involving these vehicles are especially dangerous. Many…

Truck Accident Lawyers in Florida

Why Truck Drivers May be Falling Asleep

Fatigued driving is a huge concern in the trucking industry. You may assume truck drivers are always fatigued because…

Truck Accident Lawyer

Proving Negligent Maintenance after a Truck Accident Case

Being involved in a truck accident can be shocking, frightening, and complicated. As with any accident, victims can find…

Truck Accident Lawyers in Florida

Inexperienced Truckers and Crash Rates

Semi-truck or commercial truck accidents are extremely dangerous and are also, unfortunately, an unavoidable fact of modern life. In…

Truck Accident Lawyer in Florida

Who’s Liable for Your Truck Accident?

Motor vehicle accidents involving trucks, including tractor-trailers, tankers, flatbeds, and other specialized vehicles can have devastating consequences and bring…