Possible Increase in Federal Truck Size Limit will Lead to more Accidents, Injuries

As congress debates the next multi-billion dollar surface transportation reauthorization bill, there is a movement, spearheaded by U.S. Representative Jim McGovern (D-MA) and a group of public health and safety leaders, truck drivers, law enforcement, and truck accident victims, to oppose the possible policy change that can result from a seriously flawed Department of Transportation study being done on truck size and weight.

Jim McGovern

The opposition is because the study does not include the most common configurations of big trucks and uses flawed methodology. As is, the study can result in an increase in truck size and weight on our highways. This study is supposed influence lawmakers on the safety and oversight of truck size and weight for years to come.

If that is the case, there will be many more truck crashes, resulting in even more injuries and deaths than those that already occur today.

In a 2013 study conducted by Multimodal Transportation and Infrastructure Consortium, they found that there was a 15.5 percent higher rate of death when a double trailer truck crashed when compared to a single trailer truck, and the rate of death eight times higher for crashes that involved trucks with six axels compared to five. These are the types of large trucks that Department of Transportation study will allow on our already busy and crowded highways.

In a press release regarding the opposition to the Department of Transportation Study, Dr. Georges Benjamin, Executive Director of the American Public Health Association, was quoted stating these statistics:

“While the public health community recognizes that moving goods by truck is an essential part of our nation’s freight transportation system, the economic and emotional toll of truck crashes is unnecessary, unacceptable and preventable. Compared to other modes of freight transportation the mortality and morbidity toll is staggering. Truck transportation is responsible for 3 out of 4 freight transportation-related fatalities and 9 of 10 injuries.”


Under the current federal regulations, semi tractor-trailers are already much, much larger than the standard passenger vehicle. As experienced truck accident attorneys, Dolman Law Group has seen firsthand the damage done when a commercial truck is involved in accident. We also know that the size of the truck is not the sole cause of accidents, and that when a truck driver is tasked with handling an even larger vehicle on top of the strenuous demands as truck driver, the risk of crashing is even higher.

At Dolman Law Group, we fight for the victims of truck accidents. We understand the laws and regulations surrounding the complex commercial trucking industry, and will hold the negligent parties responsible for injuries and damages caused by the violation of these rules. Our attorneys will never represent an insurance company, and have known reputation among the insurance industry as getting our clients the maximum settlement their case warrants. With the possibility of sharing the road with even larger trucks, it is important that our clients understand their rights.

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