Retaining a Truck Accident Lawyer

If you’ve recently been involved in a truck accident that wasn’t your fault, chances are you’re looking for legal help. Do you have everything that you’re going to need to start a successful case? Will you have enough information for the lawyer to be able to consider litigating for you? Let’s take a look into what’s expected for clients by lawyers before pursuing a truck accident legal battle.

Truck Accident Attorney

Do you have information on the trucker and the trucking company?

This can be collected from the driver after the crash (assuming it’s not a hit-and-run) and is extremely important. Without knowing who to pursue in court, there’s absolutely no way to continue the case. Be sure to know some of the following things:

• The trucking company name and any sister/parent companies.

• The trucker’s name and his commercial driver’s license number can be helpful.

• Background information on the trucking company, their legitimacy, details about the truck itself, and other details may solidify your case.

Do you have specific details and information about the accident?

We need to know what happened; how everything went down. It’s highly recommended to make a storyboard, timeline, narrative writing piece, or other similar form of information-bearer to assist us in understanding exactly how the accident took place. Here are some things to take note of:

• How did it happen and what were you doing at the time of the crash?

• Was there a police report filed?

• Was the trucker considered criminally negligent? (I.e., did they get arrested or charged with anything as a result of the crash?)

• Did you or anyone else take photos at the scene? These are immensely helpful.

• Are you and the trucker the only one involved in the crash, or were there other parties? Do you have their information as well?

• Witness information

• Was there a TV crew or media reporter at the scene? They may have useful information for us.

• Did an ambulance come to the scene and examine those who were involved? They may also have useful information.

Can you show personal injuries received as a result of the accident?

If you had a medical condition, for example, that was triggered as a result of the accident, we need to know this. Medical records, history, etc., is a must-have. If any injuries were sustained in the crash, consider bringing pictures, bills, x-rays, and any other medical information you can provide.

Can you show property damage received as a result of the accident?

As with the personal injuries, please compile any information you can about the damage done to your car and coverage that you have for it including but not limited to:

• Year, make, model of vehicle.

• How long have you had the car and from whom did you receive it from.

• Is the car working after the crash?

• Did your car work differently before the crash? Was it damaged already?

• Do you have a reputable estimate on repair costs?

• Photos.

Do you have personal information prepared?

Simple information that will help the case evaluation move along faster is a great thing to have. Things such as:

• Where you work, how much you make, and how much time you’ve missed due to the accident (if any).

• Are you insured? By who?

• Were you involved in a motor vehicle accident recently?


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