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Risks of Flatbed Trucks

Shipping and transportation are integral to Florida’s economy. Every day, thousands of trucks travel across the state in order to transport goods from one location to another. Shipping companies often use flatbed trucks for purposes of transporting particularly heavy or bulky items.

Flatbed trucks may, despite their practicality, present serious risks for Florida drivers. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s most recent report, approximately 88,000 commercial vehicles were involved in injury-causing accidents in 2014.1 Flatbed trucks, like all commercial trucks, are larger in size and heavier than passenger vehicles. The increased size and weight of flatbed trucks make it more likely that their involvement in an accident will lead to more devastating accidents.

Some of the risks of flatbed trucks include:

Dangerously-sized and secured loads

The flatbed truck’s open frame design allows for easier access to the shipped items. This practical design also presents a greater risk of a crash. Flatbed trucks often transport larger, heavier loads and these loads may contain irregularly shaped and sized goods such as lumber, steel, or machinery. Properly securing irregularly shaped and sized goods may prove to be a difficult task.

Improperly secured goods are a hazard to Florida drivers as items can fall off the trailer and crash onto Florida roads if the flatbed truck takes a wide turn or strikes a pothole. Drivers may find it difficult or even impossible to avoid a collision with these objects. Such an accident may also cause “chain-reaction crashes” in which multiple vehicles subsequently crash into the original accident or debris. These accidents may result in serious personal injuries in addition to significant property damage for many people.


The sheer size of a flatbed truck can cause complications for drivers. Flatbed trucks take up more space on the road, can obstruct views, and leave little room for vehicles to maneuver in emergency situations. For example, obstructed views can lead to serious injuries if flatbed trucks keep drivers from seeing hazards such as stopped vehicles, objects on the road, or lane closures. Failure to see hazards can cause serious accidents with lasting complications.

The size of flatbed trucks may also cause particularly severe injuries in accidents caused by reckless driving. For instance, flatbed truck drivers who suddenly slam on their brakes can leave trailing vehicles vulnerable to collision. In some instances, this can result in serious injuries and there have been instances of death as drivers strike the truck’s low beds.

Slippery Conditions

The design of a flatbed truck is not conducive to precipitation runoff. As a result, the bed of flatbed trucks can become very slippery when wet. This can result in injuries, even death, for individuals, even workers, walking on the back of these trucks. Slippery conditions may cause an individual to fall from the truck bed or even strike a part of the truck’s frame.


Although flatbed trucks play a vital role in Florida’s economy, accidents caused by flatbed trucks should not go unpunished. You or someone you know may be entitled to compensation for those injuries suffered in an accident caused by a flatbed truck. The attorneys at Dolman Law Group have the experience and knowledge to fight for and obtain the compensation you deserve. Schedule your initial consultation with one of our skilled attorneys by calling 727-451-6900 today.

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