Using technology to prove truck drive negligence in Florida

Technology Used To Prove Truck Driver Negligence

In order for a truck accident victims to recover for their injuries and losses,, they must sufficiently prove that another party was negligent. The most common form of negligence1 that causes truck accidents is truck driver error and there are many ways a qualified truck accident attorney can prove that a driver acted in a negligent manner. The following are some examples of technological evidence that may be used in a truck accident case.

In-truck cameras

Many large trucking companies have begun the practice of installing cameras in their trucks as a way to both monitor drivers and avoid liability whenever possible should an accident occur. These cameras record both the road in front of the truck and what is happening inside the cab of the truck.

Often, if a driver was distracted, fell asleep at the wheel, or made similar errors, the chances they will simply admit liability are slim to none. It is difficult to prove that a driver wasn’t looking at the road or was engaging in another type of negligent behavior when there was no one else inside the cab to testify to it. For this reason, evidence of distractions or similar negligence was difficult to come by. However, with a camera watching the truck driver’s actions, you can simply watch the footage from immediately before the collision to see whether or not the driver was engaged in dangerous behavior. This can greatly help prove negligence in your truck accident case.

In addition, the cameras record what is happening in front of the truck. After a collision, the footage will show whether the truck was driving too close to the car in front of them or neglected to brake if traffic slowed or stopped. This type of concrete evidence can play an important role in convincing the trucking company to settle a case for a favorable amount or to prove to the jury at trial that the truck driver was at fault in the accident. While not every truck has a camera installed, your attorney should always look into the possibility when investigating your case.

Data recorders

Following an airline crash, you have liked heard about the “black box” that gives the information about what was happening in the plane prior to the accident. You may not realize that commercial trucks have similar event data recorders2 that record the speed of a truck at a given moment and can indicate whether the brakes were engaged on the truck. This information can help to establish whether the driver was traveling too fast or failed to brake when necessary. Analyzing information from a data recorder can be complicated, however, and often requires analysis by an expert. This expert can then write a report and testify to their findings of negligence in court.

Speed limiters

Some companies install speed limiters on their trucks that only allow trucks to go a certain maximum speed in an attempt to avoid collisions. However, a piece of technology has been invented to disable a speed limiter and to also keep the data recorder from registering the accurate speed of the truck. These devices allow a truck driver to drive as fast as they want without their employer knowing it. However, if such a device is found on a truck, the inference may be made that the truck driver was prone to speeding.

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Many different types of evidence can be used to prove that a truck driver acted in a negligent manner and the possible avenues for obtaining important evidence are constantly evolving. It is important to have a skilled truck accident attorney handling your case who can be innovative in searching for ways to prove negligence so that you can obtain the full amount of compensation you deserve for all of your injuries and related losses. At the Dolman Law Group, we understand that truck accident cases can be complicated and we approach every case individually to design creative solutions to help you get the most favorable result possible in your case. We offer free consultations and do not collect fees unless  you recover in your case, so please call today at 727-451-6900 for help.

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