Tractor Trailers Causing Mayhem on the Road

 Robert Laks

Collisions involving large trucks consistently cause more damage and destruction than those involving smaller vehicles.  This blog has discussed at length how the force created by a crash involving one or more commercial vehicles is significantly higher than those involving only smaller passenger cars.  The larger the mass of the objects involved in a collision, the more force the collision will create.

However, mass is not the only factor that makes collisions with large trucks significantly more dangerous than collisions with smaller vehicles.  A vehicle’s ability to stop is directly related to the amount of weight that it is carrying.  Simply put, a truck that is carrying 40 tons will take significantly longer to slow down than a truck carrying only 10 tons.  This means that when a large heavy truck is put into a position where a collision is inevitable, it will collide at a higher rate of speed than a lighter vehicle would.  Thus a large truck collision is exponentially more severe.

On April 10, 2013, thirty-three year old Palm Coast resident Robert Laks was killed in a collision on Florida 100 that involved two large trucks.  Around 6:30 that morning, the driver of a rock hauler—Mark Robbins—was forced to swerve to avoid hitting a garbage truck that pulled out in front of him.  Robbins managed to avoid the potentially deadly collision with the garbage truck, but his evasive action had deadly consequences.

Following the swerve, Robbins’ truck side-swiped a passenger car in the adjacent lane.  The car spun off the road, while the rock hauler collided with an F-150 pickup truck being driven by Robert Laks.  Sadly, the thirty-three year old pickup driver was killed after his F-150 was sent careening into a group of trees.

Any collision involving a large truck can potentially cause catastrophic injuries to everyone involved.  Professional drivers and regular motorists should all be informed of their rights when involved in these horrific accidents.  If you or someone close to you suffers an injury because of a large truck collision caused by someone else’s negligence, call an experienced semi accident attorney Clearwater to discuss your rights.  The attorneys at Dolman Law Group are experienced in representing victims of commercial vehicle collisions.  Our goal is to ensure that our clients receive just compensation for the damage that they suffer.  Call Dolman Law Group today for a free evaluation of your case and a personal interview with one of our personal injury attorneys.