Trucking Accidents Require Experienced Lawyers

All auto claims are not created equally. Especially when a truck or commercial vehicle that is used to transport has exhibited negligence. It is important for an injury law attorney to take measures above and beyond the run of the mill auto mishap claim when preparing a case involving a trucking accident. Here are some issues that must be examined by attorneys handling such complex matters.

Accident Reconstruction

In order to truly understand how an accident occurred it is vital that a high quality accident reconstructionist is retained early in a case. These individuals posses skill sets that are very important in understanding how the accident occurred and what facts gave rise to the accident. This is where some attorneys will choose to save working capital and “wait until needed” before spending the money to hire this type of expert. This could be detrimental to the case. Like anything, the further removed in time the more difficult this objective often becomes. Witnesses, skid marks, video surveillance and other related evidence decrease in availability over time. Serious accidents require serious attention and retaining a reputable and skillful accident reconstruction expert early in the case will save you from potentially major issues in the future.

Examining the Truck

Again, the sooner you are able to retain a trained professional to examine the negligent semi truck the better. Time is not your friend in such matters. Experts are hired for reasons. For instance, the every day Joe does not posses the required skill set to thoroughly examine a commercial truck. This is very important for a variety of reasons. First, it is known that some trucking companies or individual owners will sacrifice maintenance on trucks for more profits. The Department of Transportation sets out very specific guidelines about trucks and how they should be maintained or the owner/operator could face serious fines or even immobilization of the vehicle until they are “up to code”. Unfortunately, some owner/operators will gamble in the hopes of flying under the radar in this aspect. The outcome could be horrific for the community in which that vehicle decides to operate in. Well-versed experts know what they are looking for when they have the opportunity to examine the truck responsible for the wreck and can determine what kind of shape it was when on the road. Often times an expert may conclude that safety features of the truck were compromised and never repaired.

Hiring Practices

America relies on the trucking industry to deliver all types of commerce to every edge of this country. This means that trucks abound and citizens would like to believe that commercial vehicles are being operated not only by skillful drivers, but also drivers not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Trucking companies must meet a high standard when vetting applicants and employees to undertake this potentially deadly duty of driving trucks across our roads. Trucking carriers must be held accountable if they did not due their own diligence and possibly put a person behind the wheel with a compromised driving history or worse a criminal record for drug abuse. It happens. Unless your truck accident attorney is trained in making sure all stones are turned it would have leave the plaintiff with an incomplete case. The trucking companies will not do this for you. In fact, they could be praying on the fact that a major trucking case falls into the hands of an attorney that will not spend the time, money or effort to assure their client is represented to the best possible degree.