Why Should I Retain a Truck Accident Attorney?

Truck Accident & Safety

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports1 that more than 100,000 individuals were hurt in accidents involving large trucks during 2012. Accidents between passenger vehicles and semis often result in serious injuries, often to the occupants of the smaller vehicles. In some cases, victims may incur hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical expenses and may be unable to work for an extended period of time. In addition, these crashes can easily total a vehicle, resulting in property damage in the tens of thousands of dollars. Fortunately, Florida personal injury law allows people who are injured in preventable accidents to recover for these and other losses in many instances.

Many people who are injured in truck accidents may be tempted to try and negotiate a settlement with a trucking company responsible for an accident without the assistance of an attorney. After all, attorneys are notoriously expensive and it may seem easier to just take the first offer made by the company or its insurance provider. The reality is that the assistance of a lawyer who has experience representing truck accident victims can be invaluable, and often results in a much better final outcome from the perspective of a victim than he or she could obtain without an attorney. As a result, it is highly advisable for anyone who has been hurt in a truck accident to discuss their options with an experienced Florida personal injury lawyer soon as they can. To schedule a free consultation with one of our lawyers, call the Dolman Law Group today at (727) 451-6900.

There are several ways that a truck accident lawyer can be of assistance after an accident. Below is some information for consumers about specific ways that a lawyer can help.

An Attorney will Investigate your Case – As is the case with other types of personal injury matters, a victim must be able to establish that his or her accident was the result of someone else’s negligence2. There are several parties that may be liable for a truck accident, including truck drivers, trucking companies, truck manufacturers, and truck equipment manufacturers. An attorney familiar with litigating truck accident cases will conduct a thorough investigation of your accident and determine exactly how it happened and uncover any evidence of negligence.

A Lawyer will Represent you in Settlement Negotiations – Insurance companies that work with trucking companies often make unreasonably low settlement offers. Once a person is represented by a lawyer, expensive litigation becomes a realistic possibility, significantly strengthening a person’s bargaining position. In many cases, an attorney will be able to obtain a much higher settlement or award than a person would be able to obtain if he or she chose to proceed without a truck accident attorney.

An Attorney will File Suit on your Behalf – Personal injury law is a complicated area that can implicate state statutes, rules of evidence, case law, and the rules of civil procedure. As a result, it is highly advisable for anyone who is considering filing a lawsuit because of injuries or other losses arising from a truck accident to do so with the assistance of an experienced attorney.

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People who have been injured in a truck accident may be eligible to receive significant financial compensation. The attorneys of The Dolman Law Group are dedicated to helping victims of preventable accidents recover for their losses. To schedule a free consultation with one of our lawyers, call our office today at (727) 451-6900.

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